The Talented Trio of Antiques Downtown Will be in The Greenhouse!

by Sue Whitney on Tuesday, February 21, 2012 at 8:33am ·
I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Antiques Downtown in Elk River not so long ago. What a great store. Three floors of antique, vintage, and junk goodness. What I loved best about Antiques Downtown was the very eclectic mix of goods. If you're looking for textiles..they have them. all shapes, sizes, and finishes. Smalls? Yup!...and very cool.  Vintage clothing an know it!! Paper goods? ...oodles. What I'm trying to say here is they have it all and a staff that is friendly as can be. Lanette, Natalie, and I had a great time. The deep fried Rueben Balls at the local pub were just icing on the cake. Please visit Antiques Downtown at JUNKMARKET Under Glass "March Madness" but also remember they are open year round so visit them often in Elk River, MN.
Antiques Downtown
  • (763) 441-1818
309 Jackson Ave Nw, Elk River, MN 55330

Beth Ramsey and John Condon
Restorers of the Rusty and Crusty & Vendors
Beth and John’s facebook page: Antiques Downtown

We have been junkers for many years. Together we have combined our talents at Antiques Downtown working to please our customers. We like working with crusty, rusty and worn out items, renewing life back into them. We love the hunt and are constantly on the go scrounging for just the right things to create with.  Many of our ideas and creations are displayed at the store in Elk River.  Besides selling at Antiques Downtown, we enjoy participating at juried shows and occasional sales throughout the year.
Robyn Olson will be joining Beth and John at the show. You can expect a wonderful showing from these three. I can't wait to see what they put together for this show.
Please come and check out what they have to offer and get to know Beth, John, and Robyn. They are delightful, warm, friendly, and knowledgable. You'll feel right at home in their booth. You may just want to sit down and stay a spell!

JUNKMARKET Under Glass "March Madness" 2012

March 1, 2 & 3, 2012

Otten Bros. greenhouse will once again be hoppin' this coming March.  Yep!  That's right....we're baaack!  And we're once again bringing you all your favorite vendors and vintage finds, while being able to shop in a warm and inviting greenhouse! Now how fun is that!

Otten Bros. Garden Center and Landscaping is located at 2350 West Wayzata Blvd, Long Lake MN. JUNKMARKET Under Glass hours will be start Thursday at 8-10am with Early Bird Shopping.  Beat the crowd and get the great buys before anyone else.  Remember, the early bird gets the worm!  Early Bird Shopping admission is $20 which is good for all three days!  Regular shopping hours start Thursday from 10am-6pm, Friday and Saturday 10am-5pm. Regular Admission is $5 for each day.
See you in the greenhouse!
Love, love , love these hotel soda bottles. I've never seen them before. I was instantly drawn to them!
Nice little button lamp shades. Easy fix for naked shades and oh so cute!
I can get never get enough of these. Fab color for spring!
They have paper art too!
Lanette buys a gift for her husband. Is this funny or what?!
Match boxes are cool for awesom for projects. I once knew a woman who wallpapered an entire wall with these. That was more than 20 years ago. She was way ahead of her time!
Someone at the shop said this looked just like my body. I'm not sure what to think about that??!!!
I guess you get to see this one again!
OK...this is just to darn cute!!
My Dad was a Navy man so uniforms like these always catch my eye!
My lovely Niece Natalie. Just shows to go ya that the younger set loves vintage too! She headed right to the bauble department!
Full rooms of furniture await you!
A drafting table. Nice!
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